Friday, 2 May 2014

A 1960s Lundby with spiral staircase

Today I am going to share with you a post about a dollhouse which I haven´t showed you before. It is a Lundby house from the beginning of the 1960s but with the old layout from the 1950s. Perhaps it is one of the latest houses with this layout. Am not sure about the age but I think it is from about 1962 to 1963.

When I bought it it wasn´t in this good condition.It had wall to wall carpets from the 1970s in all room except in the kitchen and bathroom. A wall to wall carpet in plastic material from the 1970s in the kitchen and the house was filled with furniture and little boxes in a mess. So I actually didn´t know for sure what I bought but it turned out to be a treasure. Below is a picture from after the reparation. I am so satisfied with the result, compared to how it looked when I got it. 

I took away the old carpets, glued the roof and chimney, took away paper pictures from the walls, glued the staircase and managed to take away a lot of stains on the wallpapers. All the floors were also cleaned. The staircase is intact and all wall papers are original, as the floors.  In the little boxes I found curtains. On the top floor two ceiling lamps followed the house and a ceiling lamp for the living room laid in one of the boxes but it is broken. I shall try to fix it. 

We start a house tour in the bathroom. Here I furnished with bathroom units from Kleeware, sold in late 1950s to early 1960s. The towel came with the house. 

Next stop is in the middle room on top floor. Here the family of the house have a grand piano made by Lerro (I think) which the father likes to play on. His daughter is sitting in an armchair made by Lundby in late 1950s. The picture on the left wall is made by a dear friend of mine. 

In the bedroom I have replaced beds from Lerro which came with the house. The right bed I think has original bed clothes. The corner cupboard followed the house and is repainted. It was probably white or brown from the beginning. It is at least manufactured by Lundby. The night table between the beds and the dressing table to the left are Lundby's and sold in the 1960s Look at the cute curtain which came along with the house. 

Down stairs in the living room we have a rather cool wall paper. I can´t decide if I like it or not but I think it´s very special. The two green plants followed the house and are home made out of textile fabric. I guess that the sofa, armchairs and table are from Lundby, but I am not sure about that. 

In the other end of the living room there is a dining table with chairs of Lundby model sold in the 1960s. The book case is also Lundby and was sold from late 1950s to 1960s. The rocking chair is also of Lundby model and was sold in mid-1960s. To hide some damage to the floor I put a little carpet, made out of fur which also came along with the house in front of the door to the kitchen. By the way the dining table and chairs came also with the house. 

We end the house tour in the kitchen. Look at the lovely wall paper on the back wall. The lamp came with the house and also the kitchen units. The kitchen chairs are also part of the house but I bought a new table because the one which came along was repainted to red. The little drawers on the upper cupboard are also repainted. 


Florine said...

I love the way you have decorated your little house. I have a similar house that I need to put finishing touches on....I think seeing yours will help me get started again. And I have the same bookshelf in mine too!

Anonymous said...

Jeg har et dukkehus magen til dit. Det har endda det samme tapet i den store stue på nederste etage. Striberne i mit tapet vender lodret, medes dine går vandret. Det er akkurat det samme. Det eneste, der er lidt anderledes, er de to små firkantede klodser foran i hvert hjørne under huset. Dine er blå, mine er hvide. Der er et billede af mit hus i Lundby Letter fra Oktober 2013 volume 10 no. 3. Jeg sendte et billede til Elisabeth, som svarede, at det er et Lundby Lerro hus fra 1963.

Jeg nyder meget din hjemmeside og er inde og se hver dag, om der er noget nyt. Jeg får mange ideer fra dig! :)

Mange hilsner fra Jutta i Danmark

Helena Haage said...
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Helena Haage said...

I am glad you like my houses Florine, and that I can inspire you in teh work with yours!

Helena Haage said...

Tack för din datering Jutta! Och visst är det kul att veta från när ens hus är.

Antedon Bifida said...

Wow, this is truly outstanding! I love all the surprises in each room, especially the sitting room wall mural, the two-tone wood dining set, the staircase, the gorgeous blue accent colour in the kitchen - so cheery on a grey winter day - and love the idea that your friend made a special picture especially for this house, lovely! :)

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