Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Lundy lookalike.

Hi again! Here comes some pictures of another house I picked up this summer. It is homemade and the one who made it has obviously the Gothenburg model of the Lundby houses in mind. The similarities are many. For the first the layout of the rooms.

One major difference from genuine Lundby houses is the scale. This house is bigger. It is also in rather good shape even if some of the wallpapers have some damages. It is tricky to date it, but according to the fact that it is a copy of a Gothenburg house from Lundby, it is probably not older than from the 60s. The wallpapers also make me guess of the 60s or perhaps early 70s. I love these Lundby lookalikes. They are adorable.

This left room on second floor is going to be a bedroom. Look at the funny wallpaper with Christmas decorations on it. I think it can be a gift-wrapping paper. I think it is the best/funniest wallpaper in the house because it is not like a ordinary wall paper at all. I just love it.

This room is going to be a living room. The wall paper here is also very cute. It is hard to see, but the left wall paper is also in the ceiling. The bedroom on the earlier picture has also wall paper on the ceiling.  

Now we are on the ground floor and the room to the left which is going to be the kitchen. The house has no doors, just openings, as the windows. 

The middle room/hall on ground floor has the living room wall paper on the back wall and a Lundby lookalike staircase. 

The last room, to the right on ground floor is going to be a bathroom and it has the same wall paper as the kitchen. I will post pictures further on when I have decorated the house. 

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